So you're looking to make a career change...
May 3, 2022

How to quit a well paying job.

How to quit a well paying job.

So you're looking and to leave your nine to five job, right? You want to do something else.

But, you're probably wondering: "Where do I even start?"

You're here because you're not satisfied in your current nine to five job. How can you escape the nine to five and find work you enjoy doing without losing your financial freedom?


in today's pilot episode, you'll hear from Chris Stemp about how to quit a well paying job. He was a financial analyst at a fortune 500 company before having a panic attack at work quitting and becoming an entrepreneur and podcaster.

If you think you're earning too good money to quit, Chris is your inspiration to do it anyway. Earning the kind of money most people in their early twenties could only dream of. He took the leap when a panic attack helped him realize he was miserable in his job.


  1. Why you should be kind to yourself when you realize you've made the wrong career choice
  2. Why you should do it incrementally
  3. What Chris means by "creating space."

Every episode, Steve will give you a challenge to help you on your own journey out of the nine to five. This isn't just another motivational podcast. We're going to help you escape the nine to five in an achievable way.


Three options

1. Take a break. But this time don't go on holiday. Take AT LEAST a week off, if not a month to reset. Sleep lots, eat well, do stuff you enjoy (avoid alcohol), exercise daily. Meditate daily. Allow at least an hour a day to go on a long walk by yourself and allow thoughts to come up.

2. If you literally cannot feed yourself if you take time off work, reduce your hours. You are not going to be able to make change without reducing energy spent doing what you're currently doing and focussing your energy on making change.

3. If you are extremely stressed in your job and/or miserable, consider quitting. This is the worst case scenario. Research shows our focus narrows when we're stressed. You are not going to make the best decisions with your future if you stay in a job like this.

Whatever option you choose, the key here is creating space. Don't overthink it. At this stage it is about allowing time to reset. We'll get to the details later.