So you're looking to make a career change...
June 7, 2022

THE INSIDER. How to Change Jobs... Without Changing Jobs. Robbie Allen (Insidery)

THE INSIDER. How to Change Jobs... Without Changing Jobs. Robbie Allen (Insidery)

I'm going to address the elephant in the room here.

Not everyone listening to this podcast is suited to escaping the nine to five. Maybe you like listening to the stories, but actual changes too scary, or really you're comfortable in your nine to five job and don't want big change.

Chances are, you're not a hundred percent happy in your current role. While this podcast is your guide to escaping the nine to five, you need to decide if you're unhappy in your job or unhappy in your profession.

There's a significant difference.


Robbie is the founder of Insidery, whose slogan is the best insight into a job comes from those actually doing it. He helps young people starting off on the perfect career path by hearing from those on the inside. But before doing all this, he discovered how to change career without leaving a workplace, transitioning from a business management role in an advertising agency to a role as a strategist and the same agency.



  1. Why you should break down the change into something you can dip your toes into.
  2. How sharing your idea with family and friends will not only help give other perspectives, but also provide some much needed accountability to actually make change.
  3. How to audition for roles within your current workplace to prove to yourself and to your colleagues that you can actually make change .



There's something you've always wanted to do on the side. Quietly you think to yourself, if I could get PAID to do this, I would do it full time. I almost GUARANTEE you, there is someone out there doing what YOU enjoy most, and getting paid for it.

Get in touch with someone who's making a living out of YOUR dream job and ask them HOW they got there. Even if this person is FAMOUS, there are ways to get in touch and ACTUALLY get a response.

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