So you're looking to make a career change...
May 3, 2022

Why to stop listening to everyone else.

Why to stop listening to everyone else.

Have you ever felt trapped in a job and are only doing it because you feel you "should"?

Have you ever been told you "should" get a qualification and "should" get a solid job and "should" buy a house and "should" get married?

Yet people are drowning in college debt, one in three people consider their jobs as meaningless, people come trapped in their jobs to pay mortgages, and last I heard 50% of marriages end in divorce.

Are you sick of being told, this is how you "should" do things? You've gotten into this position because you've always taken the advice of other people. Your parents probably told you to get some training behind you, get a solid job, maybe even a mortgage, and then you'll be happy.



Clare Mann is a banker turned organisational psychologist. She unpacks the myths we tell ourselves we "should" do, teaching you how to get rid of the myths we tell ourselves and do things we actually want to.


  1. How to spend more time doing things you actually want to.
  2. How to get rid of the excuses we tell ourselves when we dare to change.
  3. How to listen to your own voice.


Grab a big sheet of paper and write down exactly how you're spending your 168 hours per week. Cross out all the things you do only because you think you "should" or someone else has told you you "should". Replace these with things you want to do, including allowing time DAILY for at least 30 minutes of exercise and at least 15 minutes of meditation. I guarantee this will not only make you feel happier, but help with decision making down the road when you've got a healthier and clearer mind.